People walk past a help wanted sign in front of a souvenir shop along the boardwalk, Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Ocean City, N.J. Many seasonal businesses are struggling to find enough workers again this summer. Credit: Matt Slocum

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The Bangor transit system and many businesses throughout the country are trying to fill open positions. High schools throughout the country and Bangor need to look at employment needs 10 to 15 years from now. Our aging workers are retiring and no one is there to replace them. On the job training, work study programs and internships are needed.

 I can remember when city or state jobs were coveted positions. The health benefits and retirement that are offered should be in demand, but are not. Offering high school students jobs when they graduate is key; not everyone is college bound. For the Bangor transit to cut routes because it does not have drivers should be a wake-up call. CDL drivers are needed everywhere but age limits deter people.

Vocational schools also need to participate in their communities. I needed a welder for my dock system, so I contacted the local college. I wanted to see if students in the welding program could participate in repairing my dock. I would compensate the college for whatever they wanted. I got no reply from the instructor. If young people are learning a trade they need to see that there are jobs waiting for them. Maybe we need to be recruiting in elementary schools for the future.

Susan Lara