Food trucks are set up at a new location on Portland's Eastern Prom on Wednesday. Credit: CBS 13

Food trucks will now be set up in a parking lot at Portland’s Eastern Prom instead of up on the street.

Some business owners, however, are still concerned about how the arrangement will work.

It was a public food fight with owners and community members upset over a Portland pilot program to move food trucks down the hill with a limit to how many could set up there.

But after coming to an agreement, officials said there will be more room.

“I think it’s a win-win for everybody, I hope it is,” said Gerry Killarney, a Portland resident.

Nearby residents were upset over the noise, trash, traffic and a lack of street-side parking.

“It wasn’t too bad, I found a spot out here. I think on the weekends it will be a little more challenging,” said Lisa Roberts, a Portland resident.

For some parkgoers, the change means an end to safety concerns.

“So it’s nice to have them kind of in a place where if kids are walking around you don’t have to worry about them coming out onto a busy street or something like that,” Roberts said.

With everyone in one place, Ellie York, another Portland resident, said, ”Yes I have been liking being able to stand in one spot and see all the other food trucks here.”

And while people are happy no one got left behind, the change isn’t without concerns.

Owners like Dylan Gardner said they’re already seeing fewer sales and people passing by.

“It doesn’t touch what we would have done on the top road as far as ease of accessibility for loading in and out, having a clear cut sidewalk area for patrons to walk on,” Gardner said.

He’ll see how business is going at the end of the week before contacting the city with what he’s seen so far.

Here is a list of the food trucks that have been allowed to park:

— Cheese the Day and Ironclad Eats will be rotating

— On a Roll

— BOGS Bakery

— Mr. Tuna

— Falafel Mafia

— George’s North Shore

— Gelato Fiasco

— Eighty 8 Donuts

— Vy Banh MI

— Tacos La Poblinta

— Cargo Pizza Co.

— Twist

— Maine Maple Creemee

— La Mega