This trail camera photo from far western Maine has created some interesting discussion among those who have seen it. Do you know what this mystery creature is? Credit: Courtesy of Allie Ladd

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Trail cameras capture incredible images and videos of our amazing wildlife.

Other times, with shadows, rain drops, sunshine and other complicating factors, it can be difficult to ascertain just exactly what we’re looking at.

Today’s trail camera offering from our friend Allie Ladd in Byron falls under the category of mystery beast.

Well-rounded sports probably will be able to figure out the identity of the animal, but it looks so much like so many strange things that it’s sure to pose some problems for some people — myself included.

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I actually thought it resembled the smooshed-in face of a large primate, such as a gorilla, but clearly there aren’t any apes in the Maine woods. Or are there?

Maybe it’s an escaped circus animal or a resourceful house pet that was sick and tired of being cooped up in an enclosure. I wouldn’t want to predispose you to think there isn’t some crazy explanation for this weird image.

So, give it a whirl. Make your best guess. I’ll tell you that it’s not a fish, but you’ll have to use your wildlife knowledge to figure out what animal we’re looking at.

We’ll report back in a couple of days to provide the answer. In the meantime, I hope no hikers or campers are treated to such a sight when they’re spending time in the woods.

This thing is downright frightening.

Thanks, Allie, for giving us a weird look at this Maine animal.

Pete Warner

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