WISCASSET – “From Maine to the Continent: 16th through 21st Century Art,” opens at the Wiscasset Bay Gallery on Thursday, June 30. Spanning six centuries of art and representing artists from Greece, Egypt, Italy, France, the United States, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, and Switzerland, the exhibition offers an encyclopedic exploration of paintings, watercolors, drawings and sculpture. Coinciding with the first art walk of the season in Wiscasset Village, the show reception will be from 5-8 p.m. Thursday evening and feature light refreshments.

Of particular note is an 18th century drawing with two angels by Giacomo Filippo Zoboli (Italian, 1662-1757) depicting a preparatory sketch for the cupola of the Chapel of the Madonna della Colonna in St. Peters, Rome. Seventeenth century artist Jean Francois Millet’s (French, 1642-1679) classical landscape painting shows a group of travelers taking a rest along a country road with a distant view of cypress trees, ruins and mountains.

Moving forward 350 years are the freshly painted oils of contemporary artists Roberta Goschke, Keith Oehmig and Michael Graves. Graves and Goschke capture the vivid greens and blossoming landscape of Maine in the spring while Oehmig’s “View from Chatto Island, Brooklin” depicts the village harbor dotted with wooden sailing vessels and the dappled light on the shoreline.

Nineteenth century French works highlighted in the show include Adolpe Piot’s (1831-1910) exquisitely painted portrait of a young woman in a flowered hat, Alfred-Arthur Brunel de Neuville’s (1852-1941) kittens at play and Barbizon artist, Narcisse Virgilio Diaz’s (1807-1876) “Figures Dancing in the Forest.”

Lobster Cove and Squeaker Cove on Monhegan Island are rendered in thick, painterly brushstrokes by Jay Hall Connaway (American, 1893-1970) and Abraham Bogdanove (American, 1888-1946). Other Monhegan works by American Modernists Henry Kallem, Morris Shulman and Yolanda Fusco are also on display.”From Maine to the Continent: 16th through 21st Century Art” will continue at the Wiscasset Bay Gallery, 75 Main Street, through Aug. 12.

For further information, call 207-882-7682 or visit the gallery’s website at wiscassetbaygallery.com. Follow the gallery on Instagram @wbaygallery and Facebook. Wiscasset Bay Gallery is located at 75 Main Street (Route 1) in historic Wiscasset village.