Healthy Acadia is partnering with Maine Department of Health and Human Services to offer a free N95/KN95 face mask distribution program for residents of Hancock and Washington counties. Given the high transmissibility of the newer COVID-19 variants, N95 and KN95 face masks have become the gold standard of protection. 

Wearing a well-fitting National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health approved N95 or KN95 mask can reduce your chances of getting COVID by more than 80 percent. Cloth face masks no longer perform as well against the evolving virus, hovering at around 56 percent efficacy (the blue surgical masks at about 66 percent).

However, as important and effective as these masks are for protection from the virus, they are expensive, and there are many counterfeits on the market that are taking advantage of the health crisis. According to the American Medical Association, as many as 60 percent of KN95 masks circulated in the United States are counterfeit and do not meet the standards of proper filtration to protect from COVID-19.

To help protect our community, Healthy Acadia will distribute four KN95 or N95, NIOSH-certified disposable face masks to individuals in Hancock or Washington counties who request them, while supplies last. To submit a request, please go to

For more information about face masks, the COVID vaccines, and COVID-19 in general, find Healthy Acadia on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok or visit  For specific questions, please contact our Vaccine Equity Team at or 207-271-6023.

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