In this June 9, 2022, file photo, pecan trees, planted in the 1960s, shade a memorial created to honor the victims killed in the recent school shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. Credit: Eric Gay / AP

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As mass murders in our nation happen at a weekly pace, it is clearer to me than ever that the manufacturers who sell weapons of war to everyday Americans view body counts of children, teachers and parade-goers as merely the cost of doing business. It seems that we, fellow Americans, are their collateral damage; their by-catch.

It is clear to me that politicians who cave to the gun lobby and the National Rifle Association care more for their access to power and influence than they do for our safety, despite their prayers, thoughts and commissions.

America’s self-proclaimed exceptionalism is exhibiting itself to the world in all the wrong ways. If recent bloodbath is how we continue to enact the intentions of America’s founders, we are lost.

Craig Kesselheim

Southwest Harbor