Instrument maker Jim Doble (blue shirt) brought his Yellow Submarine, played from the inside, to the Wiscasset Art Walk in June. Dobbie will be making a raw log Amadinda for visitors to play during the July 28 Art Walk from 5-8 p.m. Courtesy of Wiscasset Art Walk

Sidewalk activities offer creative opportunities for kids and adults 

WISCASSET – The Wiscasset Art Walk tradition of making community art continues during the Thursday, July 28 evening, from 5 to 8 p.m. Musicians and woodworkers will stake out their spot on the sidewalk to hand-make percussive instruments for visitors to play. 

Instrument maker Jim Doble of Union will bring the necessary materials to build an Amadinda, a traditional xylophone-type instrument of the Baganda tribe of southern Uganda. While a Ugandan instrument is made of hewn logos laid out on banana leaves, Doble has modified his Amadinda design to use available materials, for ease of playing, and portability. On his website he explains, “My Amadindas are played by people of musical backgrounds ranging from three year-olds to world class percussionists. They are well used in music therapy and immensely popular in children’s museums.”

For the Wiscasset Art Walk, Doble will make an Amadinda from raw logs, which has “Surprisingly good tone!” In June, he brought two of his propane tank instruments to WAW – a mushroom drum and his yellow submarine.

Woodworker Rick Burns and musician Steven Almasi, both from Wiscasset, will be focused on the cajón, a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru.

The player sits on the top of the drum and slaps the drum’s faces with hands or implements. While Burns constructs the drum, Almasi will use his own cajón to demonstrate the many different sounds that can be coaxed from this simple box drum.

Also on the sidewalk, Partners in Education will be encouraging children and adults to assemble and decorate their own rattles, which they can play immediately. Game designer and furniture maker Aaron Weissblum, of Alna, developed the concept and materials. In August, Weissblum will contribute a variety of rattles and rain sticks, which he’s making in his woodworking shop, to the mix of Amadinda and cajón, for a percussive extravaganza in the Village.

Wiscasset Art Walk offers something for everyone. Spend the evening looking at art, listening to live music, perusing the unique shops, talking with locals, and eating the freshest catch. Look for sparkling streamers at participating doorways. Free parking is plentiful.

Wiscasset Art Walk 2022 is made possible by the generosity of Lead Sponsors Donna and Frank Barnako and Major Sponsors Ames True Value, Big Barn Coffee, BIRCH Home Furnishings & Gifts, Bradbury Art & Antiques, Carriage House Gardens, First National Bank, Fogg and Dalton Art Restoration, Industrial ME, J. Edward Knight Insurance, Newcastle Realty, Ozias, Peter Eaton at the Lilac Cottage, Red’s Eats, Rock Paper Scissors, and Sherri Dunbar/Tim Dunham Realty. Additional sponsor support comes from Cod Cove Inn.

For more information about Wiscasset Art Walk, go to or email Wiscasset Art Walk is a program of the Wiscasset Creative Alliance.