The sun sets on Cobbosseecontee Lake in Winthrop. Credit: Micky Bedell / BDN

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I serve on the selectboard in Monmouth, a town with shorefront on Cobbosseecontee Lake. Its view and wildlife attract both Mainers as well as tourists from outside of our state’s borders. But its future is in question due to an unwanted visitor,  Eurasian milfoil.

This milfoil threatens the lake’s ecosystem and could choke it off if it continues to spread unabated. We’ve already seen examples of this in other parts of the country. Even the tiniest amounts of this invasive plant have the potential to hurt native plants and animals, become a nuisance to boaters, and dramatically reduce not only the property values of our town, but the other four towns that border the lake.

What can we do to stop the spread of milfoil? It’s very simple. Clean, drain and dry our boats before using them not only in Cobbosseecontee Lake, but in any lake. It is critically important to make sure whatever milfoil is in the lake does not spread. Boaters should also make sure to use the two designated launches around the lake. That is where inspectors are located who will go over any boat free of charge before it goes in the water to make sure it is clean.

Cobbosseecontee Lake is a treasure. It is on all of us who use the lake to ensure that never changes.

Kent Ackley