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Today’s trail camera offering is another gem from our friend Colin Chase, the Maine Woodsbooger. It shows some of the competitive dynamics that can exist among raccoon family members.

The footage was taken in February, when there was snow on the ground. According to Shevenell Webb, furbearer biologist for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, raccoons lead a pretty low-key life during the winter months.

“When the weather gets cold in the late fall, raccoons move into their winter dens. They rely on their thick fur coat and all those extra layers of fat to get them through the cold months,” Webb said.

That doesn’t mean a raccoon family doesn’t get out and stretch their legs every now and again.

Early in the video, three of the raccoons appear to be competing for the right to stake a claim to the spot atop a small rock protruding from the snow. Things heat up and the intensity of the confrontation sends the rest of the family scrambling back into the den.

At last, the victor licks its chops while standing alone atop the rock.

“Raccoons do not hibernate, but do become less active and do a lot of sleeping during winter,” Webb said. “Raccoons commonly den in groups, with young raccoons spending their first winter with mom.”

The animals eventually re-emerge and engage in more roughhousing, rolling around in the snow. It is clear there is plenty of competition for space and attention among the raccoons.

Finally, everything seems to calm down.

Many thanks to Colin Chase for another amazing video! Be sure to check out and subscribe to his Maine Woodsbooger YouTube page.

Pete Warner

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