In this July 8, 2022, file photo, Ben Kennedy, left, and Alyssa Winters, left, wait at a door to speak with prospective voters about a proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution that would allow legislators to further restrict or ban abortion in Olathe, Kansas. Credit: John Hanna / AP

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I was deeply disturbed upon hearing the results of a recent poll covered by TV station WABI. The survey asked female college students if they attended a college in a state where abortion was illegal or about to be would they transfer to a college in another state where it was legal.

Fourty-five percent of college students in states where abortion is illegal shared they are planning to or consider transferring to a college in a state where abortions are legal.

Twenty percent of students in states where abortion is currently or soon to be illegal said they’d definitely transfer to a different school in a state where abortion is legal. Another 25 percent say they are considering transferring. The remaining 55 percent have no intentions to change schools based on abortion laws.

What disturbs me is the fact that these students will only attend a college where abortion is legal. Doesn’t the quality of education in the colleges matter? It sounds to me like these students are planning on playing around and getting pregnant. So they want to be in a school where abortion is legal so they can have an abortion.

I firmly believe that abortion should only be used when a woman is raped or the life of the mother is in jeopardy or the baby was going to die because of complications with the pregnancy. It should not be used as birth control. There are medications that can be bought to prevent pregnancy. There also is a medication that can be taken the day after having sex so that the pregnancy doesn’t begin.

I am a Christian, and I believe that when the egg has been fertilized it’s the start of a human being. By ending the pregnancy, murder has been committed. I’m not judging anyone who has an abortion because God is the only one that has the right to do that. I’m just asking that you take responsibility to practice safe sex.

Becky Wiers