This May 4, 2021, photo shows the Treasury Building in Washington. The Treasury Department has unveiled plans to borrow $673 billion in the current quarter while employing emergency measures to keep the government from an unprecedented default on the national debt. The department said Monday, Aug. 2, 2021 that its plans for borrowing in the July-September period assume Congress will pass either a suspension of the current debt limit or an increase in the limit. Credit: Patrick Semansky

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Midterm elections are only months away, followed by the 2024 presidential election. Clearly both parties are going to have to make a lot of promises of spending and tax cuts in order to win with no one mentioning how and who will pay. As I think most Americans know, the spending or tax cuts will be added to the national debt for our grandchildren to worry about.

Collectively American voters do not seem to be concerned with this. Donald Trump won in 2016 promising to get the country back on the correct track by running it as a business. He and his Republican Congress promptly  passed a giant tax cut and a large spending increase to go with it, blowing up the yearly deficit. President Joe Biden and his party  continued the spending spree with the American Rescue Plan and now pushing hard for his Build Back Better plan without real plans to pay for it except for his catchy ” pay their fair share” campaign phrase.

We are currently at a point in U.S. history where 50% of households  pay no federal income tax so have no skin in the game when it comes to government spending. The remaining 50% that do pay federal income taxes are not paying anywhere near enough to cover Congress’s out-of-control spending.

I feel a gagging reflex coming on when I hear Biden and the Democratic Party voice concern for our grandchildren’s future because of global warming while seeming to completely ignore the national debt, the real danger to our grandchildren. If Biden feels that strongly about renewable energy he would tell Americans they are going to have to pay more taxes and leave our grandchildren’s credit card alone.

Richard Ginn