Portland Wheelers volunteers Robin Kessler (left) and Patty Bruce (right) discuss their route before setting out on a ride on Saturday, July 9, 2022, in South Portland, with passengers Tim Butterworth (left) and Matthew Russell. Butterworth's father, Frank (in the background) prepared to follow them. Credit: Troy R. Bennett

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Thank you very much to the Bangor Daily News for featuring the Portland initiative to extend the pleasures of cycling to those who cannot pedal for themselves. And hats off to the Portland Wheelers. It is so heartening to see e-bikes put to good use.

Please consider an article featuring this Maine initiative in context of the international Cycling Without Age. And specifically including information on how the Portland Wheelers got up and running and whether there are similar programs in Maine.

The BDN’s reporting on this would be very useful for keeping such excellent programs in the news and helping others organize in their communities. I am sure there are many in Maine who would benefit from participating, in one way or another.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor