Maine and American flags are pictured. Credit: Natalie Williams

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This is about living away from Maine and missing my home state. After graduating from high school in 1965, I moved to Connecticut in pursuit of a better paying job. My goal was to go to college in January 1966. The Army had other plans, so I joined the Air Force. They sent me to the state of Washington where I have resided since 1966.

The reason for this letter is to say that as an expat I have missed my home state a lot. Some of the fond memories are of playing pickup basketball behind “Cap Morrills” in South Brewer. And then buying a 50-cent lobster. Can’t do that anymore, huh? Also, the many summer nights sitting on the steps of the Brewer Library just talking.

To say that I have missed Maine all these years is truly an understatement. The friends that were left behind are what I miss the most. I hope to reconnect in September when I get another chance to visit my home state.

Paul T. McPherson

Spokane, Washington