Lewiston is trying to ban cellphones and other devices in schools for grades K-8, and the policy just moved one step closer to being implemented.

The Lewiston School Committee unanimously approved the first reading of a policy that would take cellphones out of elementary school and middle school kids’ hands during the school day, according to the Sun Journal.

This means just one more vote is needed for the policy to become official.

The proposal also includes other devices, not provided by the schools, like iPods, MP3 players, electronic games and headphones. They must be turned off and stored unless it’s determined essential for health, safety or education purposes.

The rule would not apply to high school students. They would be allowed to use their phones during breaks and lunch.

There is also a camera policy in the proposal that aims to protect students’ privacy and prevent bullying.

The next school committee meeting is Aug. 29, when the Sun Journal reports the proposal will go to its final vote.

The first day of school for first through ninth grades is Aug. 31.