A truck heads off Deer Isle along the island's recently repaved causeway in August 2022. The Maine Department of Transportation has started an evaluation of the causeway, which locals are increasingly worried will fall prey to rising seal levels. Credit: Ethan Genter / BDN

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So, the tide is coming up and the Deer Isle causeway may be under water. The “good old days” are coming back. My aunts and uncles told stories about getting across the bar at low tide to go to high school. This was before the road went over the bar.

One of my uncles boarded with one of his father’s cousins in Deer Isle Village. Another relative had some sort of old touring car and could carry a few passengers, but you still had to go at low tide or maybe half tide. You had to be determined to go to high school.

I am sure the boats will be useful, just like they were then. Lobsters can be landed someplace else. Never let it be said that Deer Isle people are not resourceful.

Ruth Basile