Eileen Murray preparing pizza sauce from fresh tomatoes. (Courtesy photo)

ROCKLAND – On Wednesday, Sept. 21 beginning at 5:30 p.m. the Good Tern Co-op and Natural Foods Store at 750 Main Street in Rockland will present a class in developing one’s sense of taste. The class will be held at the Hole in the Wall Bagel Shop and will offer insights to enhance cooking skills and appreciation of foods. Eileen Murray will lead the class, which is based on the first tasting experiment in the book “How to Taste: The Curious Cook’s Handbook to Seasoning and Balance, from Umami to Acid and Beyond” by Becky Selengut.

In this class, the taste experiment is salt. Murray and participants will explore the taste of salt and its importance in bringing out flavors in favorite dishes. This is an interactive experiment. It requires tasting and a willingness to express in words the experience of tasting. Murray urges all ages to attend, “Come, let us begin both a tasting journey and the basis for developing our palate!”

The class will be offered both in person and on Zoom. Ingredients, recipes, and steps in the process will be sent to those watching remotely who follow along with the class.  Those at home are encouraged to have one or two others present to engage in tasting together. The class is free of charge, and requires registration prior to Sept. 18. To register, please send an email to Mia Bogyo at mia.bogyo1@gmail.com or sign up in the store at the cash register counter.

Murray is a licensed acupuncturist with a practice in Rockland.  She enjoys exploring the senses through cooking.

Good Tern Natural Foods Co-op is a member-owned food and health store founded in 1980 to provide healthy food and wellness choices at reasonable prices for the local community. The Co-op’s Education & Community Outreach Committee is a volunteer effort to engage residents of Midcoast Maine and beyond in fun and satisfying ways to learn while improving their own mental and physical health as well as ensuring a healthy planet.