Bangor Daily News Outdoors contributor Sarah Sindo took this photo of Katahdin and all of its majesty during a recent hike to Sentinel Mountain. Credit: Courtesy of Sarah Sindo

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The recent Labor Day 2022 weekend edition of the Bangor Daily News contained two outdoors hiking pieces. First, climbing Cadillac Mountain in the dark to arrive at the summit in time to enjoy the sunrise (and breakfast?). The report offered a color photo of the sunrise. Second, climbing smaller Sentinel Mountain in Baxter State Park to view Mount Katahdin. The report offered a black and white photo of “Katahdin and all of its majesty.”

The BDN does some of its readers a disservice by not offering a color version of the photo if available. Here in the Katahdin Region, “Katahdin and all of its majesty” is seen in full and glorious natural color every day of the week.

Richard Mackin Jr.