WATERVILLE — The Waterville City Council will hold the third of multiple public input listening sessions related to the current Phase 2 of its Downtown Visioning Project at 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at The  Elm prior to its regular council meeting. The theme will be “What about the pedestrian experience of the Concourse and Downtown Waterville?” 

The project itself will develop a future vision of The Concourse and its surroundings. Working with Colby College, and through Beyer Blinder Belle, an architectural and  planning firm, the project will entail three major input components. In addition to the City  Council listening sessions, which will continue through October, multiple additional input  sessions will reach out to a variety of constituencies throughout the community and the  greater Waterville region. At meaningful junctures in the project, BBB will facilitate four public  charrettes designed to gather input to help narrow the options being considered into a  comprehensive vision. Both Colby College and the City have made a firm commitment to ensure that  all inputs will be considered and that reasons for those not adopted will be publicly shared. 

Thoughtful, respectful, and energized participation will be welcomed.