Trooper Matthew Williams found Whiskey in the woods in York on Saturday. Credit: Courtesy of Maine State Police

A hunting dog that went missing on Wednesday morning following a crash on the Maine Turnpike in Ogunquit was found safe.

Whiskey was one of the 10 dogs that were riding in a steel cage in the back of a truck — driven by William Funkhouser of Baker, West Virginia —  when the crash occurred. One of the dogs died and eight were recovered in the aftermath, according to Shannon Moss, spokesperson for the Maine State Police.

Reports came in on Saturday from motorists saying they saw a dog around mile 11 northbound on I-95 in York. State Trooper Matthew Williams searched the area with a flashlight before eventually seeing a couple eyes shining back at him from the woods and then Whiskey’s head through the tall grass, Moss said.

Whiskey was weak and shaking, but appeared uninjured, and Williams walked Whiskey back to his cruiser and gave him food and water.

Whiskey was turned over to the Ogunquit police and animal control officer where he will be cared for until he’s reunited with his owner, Moss said.