Ellsworth firefighters stand outside Dollar Tree in Ellsworth on Monday, after a local man drove a pickup truck through the main entrance of the store. Credit: Bill Trotter / BDN

Five people were injured Monday when a man drove his pickup through the front door of Dollar Tree in Ellsworth.

The truck, a Chevrolet Silverado, accelerated in the parking lot, crashed into a parked Toyota RAV4 and then smashed through the main entrance of the retail store next to Marden’s, according to Capt. Shawn Willey of the Ellsworth Police Department.

All five injured were bystanders. Willey said the injuries are not life-threatening, though some people may have had bones broken during the incident. He said he is not sure if any Dollar Tree employees were among the wounded.

Two women were taken away from the scene by ambulance as onlookers gathered in the store parking lot. Several police cars, ambulances and fire trucks responded to the scene after getting initial reports of the crash.

The driver, an 80-year-old local man, was not hurt, Willey said. Police are trying to determine if the man may have accidentally accelerated into the store or if the truck may have malfunctioned.

There is no indication that alcohol or a medical issue may have played a role in the incident, he said.

“He was trying to park,” Willey said.

The store is likely to remain closed for at least the rest of the day if not longer, he said.

The incident is the second time in less than three weeks that a motor vehicle has crashed into a building in Ellsworth.

Early in the morning on Nov. 16, a local woman drove a car into an exterior wall of Sassy Nails, next to Shaw’s Supermarket on High Street, according to a report by the Ellsworth American.

Police said the driver in that case, Megan L. Rich, 40, purposefully drove into the building, damaging three propane tanks and an exterior wall. Rich has been charged with aggravated criminal mischief, refusing to submit to arrest, assault on a law enforcement officer, bail violation and drug possession, the American reported.

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