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Allie Ladd has had a busy and fulfilling hunting season.

While the Byron man always enjoys spending time in the woods, shooting incredible wildlife videos with his assortment of trail cameras, he also totes a rifle during the fall.

Ladd, who harvested a beautiful 201-pound buck last month, didn’t achieve the same success while sitting on his coyote bait site on Dec. 7.

Today’s trail camera video from Ladd provides a great look at a coyote that visited while he was sitting in his stand overlooking the area where he had placed the bait.

The healthy looking coyote, with a light-colored coat, comes in for a good closeup at the beginning of the video, then trots away from the camera as something out of view appears to catch its attention.

The trickle of running water, which is not visible in the shot, can be heard in the background.

However, Ladd didn’t catch a good glimpse of his intended target, which was about 100-125 yards in front of his stand, until it was out of shooting range.

“I didn’t see the coyote till it was to the right. Out of view by the time I got the gun ready,” Ladd said in a Facebook post accompanying the video.

He proved that despite the missed opportunity, he certainly hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

“Why didn’t I see the coyote In front of me??—-Think i was “Nappin,” Ladd said.

Thus, the coyote lived to see another day roaming the woods south of the Rangeley lakes region.

Pete Warner

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