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Now that the election is over, I think it shows where the ignorance, values or desires of many people truly are. Based on the Democrats’ platform, their woke agenda, and current leadership, I submit all, or some of the following preferences, for those who voted Democrat:

I want higher taxes. I want porous borders. Who needs order?

I support drag queens reading to my children in schools and libraries.

I support abortion on demand.

I support higher inflation. Bring it on.

I support dependence on foreign oil. I don’t want to be oil independent. Increase the price of gasoline at the gas stations. Hooray for higher gas prices.

I want less police protection in our cities. I want less prosecution of the criminals. Free the criminals. I want more failure in our schools. I want an increase of thousands of IRS agents to go after citizens.

Bring it on. Yahoo.

Something is dreadfully wrong with this picture, even more so, if people were Christians who voted for Democrats.

Michael lmhof

Aurora, Illinois  

Editor’s note: This letter has been updated to reflect that the author is from Aurora, Illinois. At the time of publishing, opinion staff mistakenly believed the author was from Aurora, Maine.