Ice jams are usually a problem during the spring melt, but fluctuating temperatures are causing problems in January.
The Fort Fairfield Police Department posted this photo of flooding along Grimes and North Caribou roads Monday night, urging drivers to steer clear of the area. Credit: Courtesy of the Fort Fairfield Police Department

An ice jam on the Aroostook River has caused a nine- to 12-mile section of road near the Caribou and Fort Fairfield town line to temporarily close until at least Wednesday afternoon.

Ice jams are a problem in the spring as temperatures warm and the river begins to melt, but a weather pattern that is fluctuating is causing unusual issues for January.

The National Weather Service issued a minor flood warning late Monday night for low-lying areas along the Aroostook River near the two towns, and extended the advisory from 1 p.m. Tuesday to at least 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Fort Fairfield police responded to flooding along the intersection of the Grimes and North Caribou roads, warning drivers to steer clear of the area.

An alert from the weather service station in Caribou urged drivers to avoid the area. Driving through flooded waters, even minor floods, can lead to death by drowning.

The heaviest flooding is likely to occur along the Grimes Road and areas of Route 161.