NEWTON, Massachusetts — Savanah Brooks, a Lasell University student from Brewer, presented at the institution’s annual Career Readiness Symposium.

Brooks participated in a mock trial exercise in which they and their peers took on various roles in a criminal trial. The mock trial is a simulation of a judicial proceeding that provides students with knowledge of the judicial system, legal process, and courtroom procedures. The event incorporated the NACE competencies of professionalism, leadership, career & self-development, and moral & ethical reasoning.

Lasell’s Career Readiness Symposium takes place every fall and asks students to present original research, projects, or field skills that align with core career competencies shared by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Part of the Symposium’s goal is to collectively assist students in identifying and pursuing opportunities that allow them to become proficient in those areas as preparation for successful transitions into the workplace.

This year’s Symposium “celebrated student scholarship and discovery,” said Provost Eric Turner. “The energy and excitement generated from experiencing this event at Lasell is extraordinary.”