Doors at the Presque Isle Inn and Convention Center bore signs Monday saying the facility was closed indefinitely. Credit: Paula Brewer / The Star-Herald

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine —  A Presque Isle hotel that most recently became a haven for people experiencing homelessness closed abruptly Monday.

Barely a year under new ownership, the Presque Isle Inn and Convention Center bore signs taped to its doors that said, “We are closed indefinitely.”

The lodging establishment has drawn criticism stemming from social media reports that police were called there frequently to deal with drug situations. It has been one of several sites that have taken overflow of people without housing, as local agencies ran out of room due to the growing numbers of those needing help.

Owner Cang Quach of San Francisco was not immediately available.

Just over a year ago, Quach said he hoped to refresh the facility and turn it into a place locals would love.

It is not known whether any tenants remain on site, or what arrangements there are for people without housing who may have been on the premises.

Calls to the inn were not answered.