Paris voters will decide Tuesday whether to recall a school board member over her support for a gender identity policy.
Oxford Hills Middle School is seen in Paris. Credit: CBS 13

A town in Oxford County is getting ready for a school board recall election. This stems from a controversial gender identity policy that left a lot of parents frustrated.

Two members were up for recall but one of those members, Julia Leste, already resigned.

On Tuesday, Paris residents will head to the polls to determine whether Sarah Otterson remains on the MSAD 17 board.

Otterson was one of the members to vote for a controversial gender identity policy.

The gender identity policy was proposed to prevent harassment and bullying and assist in the educational and social integration of all gender identities, according to the school district.

It would potentially allow students to choose how they want to be identified, regardless if their parents agree and give them the option to “use the facilities that closely match their gender identity.”

A majority of board members gave initial support for the measure, but two were signaled out for backlash by parents upset by the policy.

Nearly 700 people signed a petition to get them removed from the board.

Some parents said they had safety concerns, but those in support of the proposal cited a lack of protection for transgender students.

The town has received more than 140 absentee ballots as of Friday, according to Lewiston Sun Journal.

The vote is from 2 to 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Paris Town Office.