BANGOR — In its continued effort to support the needs of students in Maine, Beal University has announced the establishment of a $125,000 scholarship fund. Now available for all high school students in Maine to apply to, the Beal University scholarship provides an opportunity for up to 50 students to receive $2,500 towards their education at the highly accredited university.

“We offer over 20 programs to choose from with hybrid, on-campus, and fully online options. Students may attend full or part-time as well,” shared Steve Villett, COO at Beal University.

Beal University offers accelerated year-round classes that enable students to complete their education and earn a degree in roughly a third less time than what is typical in other schools. Students also have access to 8-week terms (rather than 16-week semesters), allowing them to move through courses faster. Each term includes two classes for full-time students. Students can therefore focus on managing just two classes or subjects at one time instead of the traditional four, improving their ability to grasp the valuable information available.

Classes are also available online, so students can study in a way that works for them. There are many programs offered by Beal University, including in the fields of nursing, health sciences, business, cannabis & medicinal plant science, welding, counseling, and more.

The Beal University scholarship makes it more affordable for students to begin their careers on their own terms. Students interested in the scholarship or have questions can contact Villett directly at The application is available at

Beal University is an accredited university that offers masters, bachelors, and associates degrees and diplomas in an environment that values small class sizes, individualized attention, and hands-on experience. Founded in 1891, Beal University prepares students for careers in fields such as nursing, healthcare and biomedical sciences, cannabis sciences, medical assisting, addiction counseling, welding, business, and more. To find out more, visit