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First responders found a man hypothermic but alive after he jumped off a Belfast bridge Wednesday, police said.

Belfast Police Chief Bobby Cormier said police found the man by the east end of the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge on U.S. Route 1 Wednesday night suffering from hypothermia, but with no life threatening injuries. The man told police he had deliberately jumped, Cormier said.

A passing driver told 911 dispatchers that she had seen a man walking across the bridge, alerting first responders.

When the Belfast Police Department arrived on the scene, there was no one on the bridge, Cormier said. An hour later, police found the man during low tide, covered in mud and suffering from hypothermia.

Fire Chief Patrick Richards said the man was then transported to a local hospital. Richards declined to comment further, but Cormier said he is not aware of the man sustaining any serious injuries.

Cormier commended the woman who reported her concerns to first responders and encouraged others to do the same.

“If someone sees anything suspicious like that, I’d encourage them to call,” Cormier said. “If it’s someone on the bridge, probably not the best thing to do is try and approach them, but get us coming [instead].”