Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks during a news conference at the Department of Justice, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023, in Washington, as John Lausch, the U.S. Attorney in Chicago, looks on. Credit: Manuel Balce Cenetta / AP

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The media coverage of the classified documents found at former President Donald Trump’s Florida home and at President Joe Biden’s residence and office all ignore a logical question: what is wrong with the system of tracking U.S. classified documents?

Do people really just write their names on a form attached to each file? Is there no digital tracking system in place? Is there no way to know where every file is at every moment? It’s 2023 folks, there has to be a secure way to track the location of every single file. If there isn’t software to do this, design one. How about embedding a GPS strip in each one? Then require a daily review of where every file is and, if any are “missing,” acting on that information immediately?

It looks now as if the entire system is being managed by the Three Stooges, or someone using a system inspired by Abbott and Costello’s “who’s on first” routine. I suggest an immediate bipartisan bill updating and funding the classified file tracking system. Don’t hold a Congressional hearing on it – just do it!

Suzanne Carmichael

Deer Isle