The interior of Northern Maine Community College’s EMS training ambulance is seen in this June 30, 2020, file photo. Credit: David Marino Jr. / BDN

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It seems that every town in Maine is facing a crisis of medical staffing. Our EMS services are at a brink of collapse due to staffing. Gov. Janet Mills needs to implement a training program where welfare recipients are offered a career as EMS techs. This will give them a hand up and a career instead of collecting a paycheck every month from the government.

When the poor and indigent are given opportunities, the whole community will thrive. Our state officials also need to look at all careers that have staffing shortages, and offer courses to our high school students in these fields and give course credits. For students who are not college bound, this will be a great opportunity. Every child graduating should have a destination and goal for their future.

No child should be allowed to “drop out” of school. ” No Child Left Behind” doesn’t seem to be working if this is allowed. Giving our young people options in elementary and high school will curb staffing shortages in all fields in the future.

Susan Lara