Taro Health, Maine’s newest health insurance provider to offer plans on the ACA Marketplace, announced a successful first enrollment season and plans to expand faster for small group health insurance throughout 2023, which businesses can continue to enroll in throughout the year.

“We’re thrilled to share that Taro Health had a successful inaugural Open Enrollment with so many Mainers signing up for a health insurance option that offers much better access and a more personalized primary care experience,” said Frank Wu, Co-founder and CEO of Taro Health.

Taro Health’s marquee insurance benefit includes $0 membership access to direct primary care doctors, who build a stronger relationship with their patients by offering longer visits, increased appointment availability, and concierge-like access across in-person and virtual encounters. Notably, over 90 percent of members who enrolled with Taro Health chose a DPC plan over the traditional “Clear Choice” insurance option.

Available in Cumberland County during 2023, Taro Health has already added more DPC doctors and began partnering with additional DPC practices in other counties in Southern Maine, laying the foundation for potential geographical expansion in 2024.

Taro Health’s plans are available to individuals and families shopping on Maine’s ACA Health Insurance Marketplace (CoverME.gov) and small businesses with 2-50 employees that qualify for small group health insurance. Taro Health has already enrolled its first cohort of small businesses to start in 2023.

“The cost of health insurance for small businesses keeps going up, yet it covers less and less care each year. Taro Health delivers more value for our employees for the same or less money than other companies,” said Tom Landry, owner of Benchmark Real Estate and CornerStone Building & Restoration. “Additionally their direct primary care plans offer something new that provides better access to health care for my family and my employees.”

Due to increased interest from small business owners, Taro Health plans to triple its small group business enrollees throughout 2023 by adding more resources and support. Small business owners can continue to sign up throughout 2023 at any time or during their benefits renewal cycle. For more information, please visit http://www.tarohealth.com/maine/small-business.

Taro Health is a team of healthcare operators, direct primary care physicians, software engineers, product designers, and insurance experts — all on a mission to build a healthcare system that makes sense. As a technology-driven healthcare company, Taro Health offers insurance plans that focus on reducing friction for both providers and patients, and investing in ways to create more meaningful, trusted doctor-patient relationships. Taro Health partners closely with independent DPC practices, local specialists and labs, and top hospitals and health systems to offer comprehensive care, affordable benefits, and increased access for patients. To learn more, visit https://www.tarohealth.com.