The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., delivers his "I Have a Dream" speech in Washington, Aug. 28, 1963, as National Park Service ranger Gordon "Gunny" Gundrum, left, stands beside King. Credit: AP File

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I arrived in Bangor in May of 1960 as an African American in the United States Air Force and I served my first tour of duty at the then Dow Air Force Base.

Dr. King was then 31, today 63 years later I still have beautiful and fond memories of my stay in Bangor. What is most troubling to me is your recent editorial on Dr. King. The essence of his work was totally ignored! The very core of Dr. King’s work and his ” I Have A Dream Speech” was gutted from your publication of the speech!

This dishonored Dr. King and is an absolute insult to every single African American citizen of this already great country!

What was the thinking, and the expected results of having eliminated the essence of Dr. King’s speech? Please share with me your thinking in this regard? I bid you to share with me your thinking and the proposed, or supposed thinking and its effect upon your readers!

Edgar Moss

Newington, Connecticut