PORTLAND, Maine – The Portland police are on high alert after responding to an alarming number of overdoses this week.

Officers have responded to five overdoses in just the last 24 hours, with three of those victims dying. So far this year the Portland Police Department has seen six deaths out of 37 overdoses, officials said.

Tom Doherty, the executive Director for Milestone Recovery says one of those recent deaths was someone who was in their program for a long time.

They say they were working with them as recently as Thursday night.

“This is someone they worked with last night, worked with throughout the past months and years,” Doherty said. “They’re a human being, they’re a person that’s in a difficult spot, and it’s hard to lose people. These are people from our community.”

Police reiterated that Narcan, an overdose reversing drug, is available at no cost at the police department, at local pharmacies and health centers.

If you see someone overdosing, police advise that you call 911 and stay with the person until first responders arrive.