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I find it very hard to believe there are people willing to put their trust in an elected board to keep our lights on. I sure wouldn’t. But that’s exactly what will happen if the referendum to create a “quasi-governmental” electric utility called Pine Tree Power passes in November.

I think it’s a multibillion-dollar disaster waiting to happen. Think about it — decisions impacting just about every home and business in the state would be made by people with little to no experience running an electric utility. No need to prove they’re qualified or even meet any minimum requirements. All they’ll have to do is get elected, based on whatever campaign promise they feel like making.

Our power grid is a complex system. It’s so complex even the people behind Pine Tree Power don’t seem to understand how it works. They’re incorrectly saying Central Maine Power and Versant just raised our electric bills when, in fact, these two utilities have nothing to do with the electricity supply costs that just went up on Jan. 1 and make up the most expensive part of our bills. (CMP and Versant are only responsible for delivery prices.)

So, if Pine Tree Power’s supporters don’t understand the system they’re trying to change, what will it be like if they’re able to force a takeover of the entire grid and get themselves elected to the board? I’m voting no so we never have to find out.

Susan Roberts

Retired CMP Employee