The Bangor Daily News will be moving to digital only on Mondays.
The Bangor Daily News will be moving to digital only on Mondays. Credit: Sam Schipani / BDN

Dear readers,

Beginning on March 6, the Bangor Daily News will publish the Monday newspaper exclusively online. The digital-only Monday paper will still contain all the news, sports and features you’ve come to expect in the newsprint version; it will simply be delivered to your electronic devices with a few keystrokes instead of rolling off the press, being loaded onto trucks and transported hundreds of miles to your residence or local store.

We made the difficult decision to change the way we’ve been doing business for more than a century in order to reduce the growing expense of printing and delivering the newspaper six days a week. The savings we realize by eliminating one day of the printed paper will enable us to maintain our award-winning staff of journalists who provide you with timely and comprehensive news from around the state. Reporting news to you always has been and always will be our primary mission.

Change is hard. We understand, so we will do our utmost to make your transition from printed paper to electronic devices on Mondays as easy as possible. Subscribers to the printed paper already have access to BDN digital products including, email news alerts and newsletters, and our e-edition, located at

If you aren’t familiar with it, the e-edition looks just like the printed version of the paper, with numbered pages containing articles, photos, advertisements, comics and puzzles. We will continue to produce an e-edition on Mondays. If you aren’t a subscriber and wish to have access to BDN digital products, you can become one by visiting or by calling 207-990-8002.

We know not every reader has access to the internet or wants to read the paper online and we regret any inconvenience this move causes. We hope you understand the reasons behind our decision and, as always, we appreciate your support.

Todd Johnston

Vice president of print operations

Bangor Daily News