Bangor is reminding residents to taken steps to avoid broken trash cans.
A trash truck empties trash cans on S. Park Street in Bangor on Jan. 6, 2021. Bangor Public Works issued a reminder to residents to ensure their trash cans aren't frozen to the ground to avoid broken wheels. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

The Bangor Public Works Department is urging residents to close their trash can lids after their garbage has been collected and ensure their containers aren’t frozen to the ground.

The message comes after crews have seen many broken and snow-filled trash cans this winter.

Some trash cans even had busted wheels because they were stuck in a snowbank or frozen to the ground, according to a notice issued Monday following a string of snow and ice storms already this season.

“This presents a great inconvenience to you, as you can no longer roll the trash can around,” the notice reads. “Broken cans are being repaired as quickly as they can, but the large volume of broken cans is causing repair delays.”

Crews also are seeing trash cans partially full of snow and ice, which turns into an added and unnecessary expense for the city and taxpayers when the trash is collected. This issue can be easily avoided if residents close their trash can lids after the waste has been gathered.

“The City of Bangor is required to pay for disposal of this ice and snow because once it is dumped into the truck, it is part of the compacted trash,” the department said.

The department also reminded residents that crews will collect trash and recycling as long as the waste fits inside the garbage can and the lid can close. If garbage is sticking out of the container, is above the rim, the lid can’t close or trash is placed on top of the can, it will not be collected.

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Kathleen O'Brien

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