The Maine Professional Drivers Association is proud to announce that one of our members, Vincent  Cote, has been selected to receive the Driver of the Year award for 2022 by the Maine Motor Transport  Association. During the year, companies nominate well-deserving drivers for MMTA’s driver of the month  award. The 12 drivers of the month chosen for 2022 had a combined 285 years of driving time and over 19  million safe miles driven. We would also like to thank MMTA for taking the time and effort to recognize these  safe and professional drivers in the State of Maine throughout the year.  

Cote has been driving professionally for 37 years, with the last 25 being at ADUSA Transportation  (Hannaford). He has accumulated over 2 million accident-free miles during his career. For contrast, according  to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the average American will drive around 700,000 miles in their entire  lifetime.  

In the words of management at ADUSA Transportation, “Vince is one of those really great people that  will help his dispatcher or another driver without a blink of an eye. His hard work and ethics are unmatched.”