Protesters hold signs to protest gun violence at a student sit in at the Michigan Capitol building following a mass shooting at Michigan State University earlier in the week in Lansing, Mich., on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023. Credit: Brice Tucker / The Flint Journal via AP

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I believe in American exceptionalism. By this, I mean a very diverse population, each of us with our own opinions and points of view, can come together to solve any problem. The problems are many, but none more serious than the slaughter of our children and other family members by gun violence. It would be foolhardy to imagine we could reverse the Second Amendment and ban all guns. We need suggestions that allow for the rights of our citizens while simultaneously protecting their lives. However, the other extreme is equally unacceptable.

The Second Amendment is not a second commandment. If someone is a person of faith, they would know guns have no place in God’s plan. How can any of us live knowing our school-age children, college kids and those at a shopping center could be murdered in cold blood while we stood on our rights? It is time to address the problem and remember none of us are safe unless all of us are safe. When people consider this issue, will they first look to preserve life and end suffering rather than their own needs?

Ironically, it seems many who oppose abortion also support gun ownership at all costs. If a pre-born life is precious to someone, will they also work to support the lives of those among us? Can the full weight of the anti-abortion movement be mobilized to save the lives of the children we see every day? That would be an exceptional step indeed.

Gail Peters

Roque Bluffs