Karen Wentworth sits in her South Portland backyard on July 24, 2020, holding the concoction of life-ending drugs she kept in a tidy, feathered bundle. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

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I can’t thank Caitlin Andrews, the Maine Monitor, and the Bangor Daily News enough for the compelling, beautifully written, and compassionate story about Karen Wentworth’s journey to death following the provisions of Maine’s Death with Dignity law. I voted for that law and was relieved when Gov. Janet Mills conquered her own scruples and signed it.  

The story is wrenching, deeply sad, but also ultimately reassuring on a personal and political level. We all know that Maine’s population contains a significant number of elderly people (I am one of them) as well as many who subscribe to a tradition of stoicism and individualism. The story celebrates both individual courage and the collective wisdom which brought us the right to die with dignity at a time of our own choosing with medical, family, and spiritual support.

Ruth Nadelhaft