Service ribbons adorn the uniform worn by a Maine Army National Guard member. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

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The BDN article regarding the Maine Attorney General addressing the concerns of sex assault cases in the Maine National Guard clearly points out that the problem continues. One of the concerns was that there was not enough evidence to prove a crime or the victim did not want to move forward because so much time had passed. Another issue is that it appears that there are too many times when terrible inconsistencies continue to occur as well as time delays. There are too many departments involved. Survivors are experiencing so many delays and miscommunications they are afraid to continue the process that would allow the female guard members to have justice.

I would suggest that to have immediate proof, if you will, that female guard members be armed with a hidden body cam. Police departments use body cams all over America and they work to help document the assaults that take place every day. A simple push of a button and the proof is readily available for the prosecutors to pursue the guard person who assaulted the female. If the excuse is used that they are expensive, I would think that they would be worth it in the long run. But certainly, speak to the female guard members first and get their input.

Patricia Martin