In this Jan. 13, 2021, file photo, wind turbines are silhouetted against the sky at dawn near Spearville, Kan. Evergy, Kansas' largest electric company expects to make its first big investments in solar energy over the next three years and increase wind generating capacity with the goal to produce no net carbon emissions as of 2045 Credit: Charlie Riedel / AP

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Many people are aware of the King Pine wind farm that will be built in Aroostook County. This project could have an adverse impact on the wonderful night skies in the area.

The aircraft warning lights in these towers can be quite bothersome, and it will make the entire area look like an industrial zone. However, we now have the technology, especially in these large turbines, to mitigate the nighttime light pollution. There are systems now that can turn off the lights at night if no aircraft are detected.

Clear night skies are a contributing factor for many of the tourists who travel there, and much appreciated by residents. This is a common-sense requirement for the project, and the cost to install the equipment in each tower is not burdensome.

While systems that turn off the lights on wind turbines are relatively “new,” the technology does exist and should be applied to all wind turbines in the state. Washington state and Kansas have already attempted to require wind turbines in their states to reduce light pollution, and Maine should follow their example.

Donald McNelly

Island Falls