A cat takes advantage of melting snow to reclaim its bird-watching perch on a fence in Presque Isle in this April 18, 2018, file photo. Credit: Paula Brewer / The Star-Herald

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It seems to me that Rep. Vicki Doudera should be looking into creating bills to help the homeless find homes, find ways to help feed the seniors who have little money from Social Security and help the veterans who have given much to serve our country. Mental health services need to be made available to every veteran. There are too many veterans who are committing suicide.

I think what few birds that cats catch and eat aren’t going to reduce the bird population regardless of what Francesca Gundrum from the Maine Audubon commented. God gave the birds means to escape being caught by cats. Cats aren’t the only animals that feed on birds. Other birds like the sharp-shinned hawks, owls and eagles, just to mention a few. This is nature’s way of keeping the population of all animals in check.

Why are there so many feral cats? Because people dump kittens and their unwanted cats off in the woods or other people’s dooryards. Plus, they don’t take the responsibility to spay their cats.

Cats help reduce the mice and rat population. Otherwise, we’d be overrun with mice and rats, and that’s a health issue. How are you going to enforce the trespass laws after cats are added? What enforcement agency is going to enforce this? The police, sheriff or game wardens? It seems like they have more calls than they can handle right now. If these people do it, it is going to cost the towns and state more money. The law enforcement officers, firemen and game wardens need to be available to answer emergency calls like crashes, fires, murders and assaults, and not be out trying to find a cat that has crossed over onto the neighbor’s property.

I don’t feel that a cat going onto the neighbor’s property does any harm to it.

Rebecca Wiers