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What happens when two of Maine’s most avid and talented trail camera photographers get together for a trip into the woods?

You’re about to find out.

Bangor Daily News readers have been absolutely blessed to see many of the videos and photos produced by Colin Chase of Gray and Allie Ladd of Byron. Their combined efforts have helped give all of us a new window on the beauty and majesty of some elusive animals.

Last month, Chase made the trip up to Rangeley to place some cameras in spots where Ladd has successfully captured a lot of amazing footage himself. Not surprisingly, the operation was a rousing success.

The result is today’s extensive YouTube video from Chase, who has put together several minutes of videos featuring Canadian lynx. Adding to the entertainment value is the significant vocalizations the cats are using as they stake out territories and begin searching for mates.

One scene features a group of three lynx making their way across some downed trees and the size of their furry paws almost makes one think they’re wearing small snowshoes.

We really appreciate all of Chase’s work, and you can check out more of it by going to his “Maine Woodsbooger” channel on YouTube.

Pete Warner

Pete graduated from Bangor High School in 1980 and earned a B.S. in Journalism (Advertising) from the University of Maine in 1986. He grew up fishing at his family's camp on Sebago Lake but didn't take...