BANGOR — More than 1.7 billion people are estimated to be infected with Tuberculosis globally. Though TB is uncommon in Maine, many people with latent TB infection remain undiagnosed and at risk for re-activation of the infection. Re-activation can result in active TB disease and pose a significant risk to individuals as well as community health, as it is highly contagious and may cause outbreaks.

Primary care providers play a critical role in our efforts to diagnose and treat people with latent TB infection in Maine. On Thursday, March 9, Mark Abel, MD, MPH, infectious disease physician, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center will join Miranda Tilton, RN, public health nurse, Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to present a webinar about TB. They will review the clinical range of TB infection with a focus on latent TB, discuss screening guidelines and testing for TB diagnosis, as well as treatment routines for TB and the role of public health nursing.

This session for providers, from 5-6 pm, will wrap up with questions and answers. Providers interested in learning about this topic may register by visiting