Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio talks to Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y. Credit: Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

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Would somebody please purchase Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a jacket!

I understand the new Republican Party has won the majority of the House of Representatives, and so they have the right to make committee assignments according to their principles. But they have also won the responsibility to perform in a manner respectful of the office they hold and the building in which they serve.

I served as an officer in the U.S. Navy and the Foreign Service. In both cases, when on duty, I was required to wear a uniform appropriate to the job. Whenever I was aboard ship I was considered to be on duty, and I wore a naval uniform. Similarly, whenever I was in a U.S. embassy or consulate or in the Department of State in Washington, I was on duty, and I dressed accordingly. Just so, whenever Jordan is in the Capitol, he is on duty, and he should be dressed in a manner respecting that status.

On television in the midst of a recent hearing, everyone present was dressed respectfully, except Rep. Jordan. If you’re wondering what difference the behavior of a single member can make in an organization of hundreds of members, ask a U.S. Marine: She’ll explain it.

Stefan Nadzo