Future teachers at Thomas College are going to be learning from Maine Teacher of the Years and County Teacher of the Years on March 21 in Waterville. These award-winning educators will be on campus for a day of engaging and learning with pre-service teachers through a continuation with a partnership of Educate Maine with Thomas College. Here are the details: 


  • Matt Bernstein – 9th grade humanities/SS, Casco Bay, MTOY 2023  
  • Ashley Bryant – CTOY 4th grade Oxford County   
  • Emily Albee – HS Hampden Academy CTOY   
  • Kelsey Stoyanova – Middle school ELA, MTOY 2022
  • Thomas College preservice teachers in programs ranging from early childhood to secondary education

Why It Matters 

This is an opportunity for preservice teachers to learn from model Maine teachers in the rewarding but challenging field of education at a time when the teacher shortage is high. These award-winning teachers can talk authentically about what is happening in the field of education and the community.  

Schedule for March 21

  • 8:30 a.m. – MTOYs/CTOYs collaborate to discuss curriculum and design with Thomas College students (about 40 total) 
  • 10 a.m. – Focus group with faculty about teacher preparation 
  • 12-1 p.m. –Maine/County Teacher of the Year Education Panel
    (Themes/topics include): 
  • Accommodating diverse learners, including those on IEPs and 504 plans  
  • How to build relationships and advocate with and for students  
  • School budgets and processes  
  • The future of education  
  • Assessment: what does it look like, and what should we expect?  
  • Communication and community-building outside of the classroom walls  
  • DEI 
  • Legislature and advocacy at political level  
  • Mental health and balance