EAST MILLINOCKET — An evening of community, capital campaign support, and lots of turkey drew over 230 people to the parish hall at St. Peter Church in East Millinocket on March 5 for the “Table of Plenty” supper.

“It truly was a community effort spearheaded by Rita Chasse and co-chair Sandra Kennerson. The dinner included turkey with all the fixings and homemade pies,” said Judy Ouellette of the parish. “After having been cooped up due to the pandemic, everyone was very happy to be together.”

“It really takes a community to make an event like this happen and it was a fantastic meal. We were able to be together and have fellowship,” said Fr. Dominic Savio, HGN, administrator of Christ the Divine Mercy Parish, of which St. Peter is a part. “With God and the support of one another, we can do great things.”

All of the proceeds from the supper (over $5,100) went to the Christ the Divine Mercy Capital Campaign. Launched in October, the campaign has already raised nearly $100,000 to fund several necessary building improvements at the parish. St. Peter Church was dedicated in 1966 and St. Martin of Tours Church in Millinocket opened over 50 years ago. At St. Martin of Tours, located on 19 Colby Street, the parking lot will be repaved and the roof and exterior of the church will be repaired. The front doors will be replaced, and the bell tower cross will be fixed and lit. Several windows and areas of siding will also be replaced with possible insulation enhancements as well. At St. Peter Church, located on 58 Cedar Street, the parking lot will be reduced and repaved, the interior ceiling will be repaired, the outside fiberglass will be resurfaced, and bricks around the church will be fixed or replaced depending on need. The flat roof of the parish center will be rebuilt into a pitched roof, energy efficient windows will be installed, existing siding will be cleaned, and eves and sections without siding will receive it.

“We have already finished external roof work at St. Peter as well as improvements in the kitchen of the parish center,” said Fr. Dominic. “We completed the roof dome, upgraded the lighting, completed damage repairs in the utility room, and installed a heat pump.”

“These renovations will be done in phases,” said Gert Campbell, business coordinator for the parish. “Projects will be reassessed on an annual basis to ensure that no repair is overlooked.”

Anyone who is able to support the cause can call the parish at 207-746-3333 or pick up an envelope in the back of either parish church.

“There is no donation too small,” said Gert. “We encourage everyone to give if they can. There is much to do and together, it can be accomplished.”

“As I always say, even a penny makes so much difference in our contributions,” said Fr. Dominic. “So those who are thinking of giving for this Capital Campaign, we encourage them to contribute anything with generous hearts.”