PORTLAND — From Monday, March 27, to Friday, March 31 all Maine Catholics are invited to experience God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness through the sacrament of reconciliation (confession).

During “The Light is On for You” initiative, confessions are offered on multiple evenings at churches across the state. To search by county for a church offering “The Light is On for You,” visit www.portlanddiocese.org/lightison. To search by parish, visit www.portlanddiocese.org/light-is-on-parishes.

People who have been away from the sacrament may worry that they no longer know how to go to confession. In that case, they should tell the priest that it has been a while since they have received the sacrament and ask for help to make a good confession. The priest will guide them through the ritual.

Lent is a time of penance and self-sacrifice in preparation for commemorating the passion and death of Christ on Good Friday and celebrating His resurrection on Easter Sunday. Each year, the season of Lent provides an opportunity for Christians to deepen their baptismal faith in the Lord Jesus and renew that faith at Easter. Confronting sinfulness and seeking reconciliation is an important part of that conversion of faith.

“After making a good confession, people experience great peace,” said Bishop Robert Deeley. “Invite your family members and friends to come with you to experience the wonder of God’s mercy by confessing sins with honesty and humility. Reconciliation is a sacrament of love.”

To help you on your Lenten journey, visit the Diocese of Portland’s Lent website at www.portlanddiocese.org/Lent. You will find Mass times, retreats, prayer opportunities, faith sharing groups, Bible study programs, Stations of the Cross listings, and many other materials like Saints of Lent, Lectio Divina, and Echoing God’s Word.