A wood duck. Credit: Courtesy of Dave Small

Dave Small has a treasure trove of wildlife photographs stored in his archives — and he’s always adding to it.

Among the photos are lots of birds, which you probably have noticed are making their presence known with the arrival of the warmer spring weather in Maine.

Small has shared a collection of his late winter and early spring bird photos taken around eastern Maine.

“I have two bird feeding stations setup on my property, a suet feeder and a black oil seed feeder in the back and a black oil feeder near my front picture window,” Small said. “I’m reluctant to admit that I see the visitors to my feeders as somewhat less than wild.”

Today’s offerings include a wood duck, northern cardinal, black-capped chickadee, winter wren, eastern phoebe, ruby-crowned kinglet, American goldfinch and red-winged blackbird. You can view all the photos online at bangordailynews.com.

Small’s photo of the winter wren, captured in April 2022, marks the only time he has seen or photographed the bird.

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