Sully Wilson raises his sign during a Rally of Parents and Kids to End Gun Violence at the State Capitol Thursday, in Nashville, Tennessee. Credit: George Walker IV / The Tennessean via AP

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What has our government become? What kind of people have we become? We accept these  mass shootings like they’re a weather report, and we do nothing about guns, because, to Republicans in particular, gun support apparently means votes. To hell with the safety of our children and our people. For our elected officials, it’s all about keeping their jobs. Well, how about doing their jobs.

If we’re really serious about ending this carnage, stop gun show sales nationally, stop all personal sales, nationally. All private sales should be done through licensed gun stores like Cabela’s, with the capability of doing honest background checks. A violation of this process, means someone is just as responsible for whatever crime is committed, as the person you sold the gun to. Hold parents accountable for the gun crimes of their children. Carrying a gun without a license? No! Owning a long gun made to kill people? No! It’s the 21st century for god sake.

It’s time for national accountability! When 20 children died in Newtown, I thought America would wake up to this problem. I was wrong. It is estimated that we lose more than 30,000 lives a year to gun violence. Since Newtown, we’ve lost over 300,000 precious American lives, and our elected officials do nothing. Actually, I know this letter is a waste of my time, because, of course, we’ll just offer our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. That should cover the pain.

Doug Davis